Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why am I so nervous?

I love this pattern. I actually have re-worked a few petals since I took these pictures. They lay flatter now. But the new pictures looked awful. So, here we go.

As a newbie to the group, I was so nervous! (Even after all of my stalking last year.)

Hope you like them, Emily. I had fun.

Bring on February!


  1. you are so talented; you shouldn't be nervous! They are PERFECT!!!! I'll do the stalking this year:)

  2. Mardie, you make me laugh. With your talent you have no need to fear!

  3. Those are terrific. I was just as nervous as you were!

  4. Thanks, gals. I had another panic attack though, cause I left the package in the mailbox through all of last night's rain. Whew! It was dry. I'll probably dream about February's for sure! LOL

  5. mardie, you crack me up! love your squares!