Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An introduction

Hey girls! I'm Robyn and I am very excited (and a little nervous) to be a 12 squared-er! Mainly nervous because I'm more of a yarn girl than a fabric girl. But, I'm excited to jump back into the sewing world, make new friends, learn a lot, and get a quilt of my own choosing. Quite a deal.

I guess the best way to sum me up is that I have a Utah birth certificate, a Georgia driver's license, an Illinois license plate and an Arkansas address. We've most recently moved to Little Rock from Chicago in June 2011 and (thanks to many a kind member of this group) our transition has gone well despite a lot of crazy goings on. We've taken some licks here in L.R., but we're grateful to be here and moving forward.

"We" includes my husband, Matt, and our three boys, Jacob (6), Nicholas (4) and Benjamin (20 months).

If you're dying to know more (I'm sure you all are!) I feel like my blog tells a better story than I do.

Looking forward to a fun year!


  1. what a cute family picture, robyn! glad you're quilting this year!

  2. your "where i' from" sentence made me giggle. i will read it to my husband tonight and he'll gasp-he got a new license when we just changed apartment numbers!

  3. Happy you joined us! You moved to LR when I moved out. Sorry our paths didn't cross there. Just don't get pulled may confuse the police.

  4. Since we can't Visit Teach, we can be quilting friends. Works for me!