Sunday, January 15, 2012

Loving all your petals

I know I'm not a member this year but I hope you don't mind if i still lurk and admire and drool and also ask for tips now and then. :) This year my quilting goal is to learn to make the quilt sandwich, bind, machine quilt, etc... so I can put all of your gorgeous mod mosaics together. I did quilt a little wall hanging for my sister but this is a totally different animal. So I'm wondering what websites you all can direct me to that are most helpful. Also, any favorite quilting basics books? Thanks in advance!

And just because blog posts are boring without pictures, here's the sweater I'm knitting for my little one. Because you all know my first love is in the needles :)


  1. My 9-year old bought a beginning knitting book and I was confident that I could follow the instructions to at least help her knit a scarf. I was wrong. She threw the yarn down, I threw the instructions down and we sat down and cursed knitting. I am sooo impressed by that sweater. It's beautiful!

  2. here is one of my favorite binding tutorials:
    there are others if you google 'quilt binding tutorial' that are just as good.

    my biggest tip for machine quilting is to pin the heck out of it, even if you used basting spray AND use these babies:
    quilting gloves are a must!

  3. Wow. Quilting gloves. Never heard of them. Thanks for the tips, liz! And camie, if you and/or your daughter are ever up in new jersey, please stop by and I'll gladly show you the knitting ropes. It's addictive! :)

  4. Em-I've always been super impressed with your super knitting powers...It's beyond magical how it comes together for you. I had Camie's same experience...only with you tube videos. I ditto Liz's tips. There is a great tutorial on Cluck Cluck Sew (see our sew linky column). On the right side of her page there is a box (button) that says "finish a quilt", click on that and it will bring up a detailed pictured document that will guide you through it. Or you can come to Ohio and I can help you...babies are welcome also.

  5. emilee- i just checked out a dvd from the library about learning to knit. i'm glad you're still here, and the next time you're in Deutschland you will have to come stay with us and teach me how to knit the right way:) i covet your skills...please come visit soon! xoxo

  6. WoW! Your knitting is divine! There is knitting and there is knitting. I can knit scarves and blankets... squares and rectangles. You knit masterpieces!