Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet Nicole

I am Nicole.  Jen is my sister.  She helped me finagle my way into your little group; which, I am so pleased to be a part of.   

I day dream of having a little farm with chickens, ducks and geese, bees, a milking cow, a horse and an amazing garden.  All of these things will obviously take care of themselves and I will have plenty of time to cook, read, travel, quilt, bake bread, can and most importantly cuddle with my babies on a quilt (my 12-squared quilt) under a weeping willow.  I will go into town only when I need to buy designer clothing and amazing fabric. 

I will let you know my quilting taste when it is my month.  Maybe by November I will have it figured out.  

I thought the questionnaire from last year was a good get-to-know-you so here we go…

Where do you live? In the arctic.  Logan, Utah.
Favorite past time? Being with my boys, my husband and my baby. 
Favorite pizza toppings?  I do not discriminate.  I love all pizza.  Although, straight up pepperoni is not for the belly.
Favorite actor? I have a major girl crush on Zooey Deschanel.  I want her hair and her porcelain skin.
Embarrassing moment?  I embarrass easily, so I have many.  Most recently, posting my personal pictures to the 12-squared blog. 
Dream car?  My dream would be to never have to drive again.  If I can’t have that, I would settle for anything that drives, is reliable and fits my whole family and all our stuff.
Favorite midnight snack?  I don’t snack at midnight.  I do really enjoy salt and vinegar kettle chips though.
Do you sing in the shower? No.
Which physical feature you get complimented on the most often?  I am not sure if it is a compliment or not, mostly just awkward, but many people comment on my lack of excess adipose tissue.  I personally like my legs.  
What crazy thing do you want to try someday:  Joining an online quilting group.   
Favorite blogs:  I don’t read a ton of blogs.  My sister’s is the only one I read regularly and I like hers a lot.


  1. I loved reading that. I think I'd like to borrow your day dream if that's okay.

  2. Love your day dream, too. Can I join you?

  3. Adipose tissue? Also known as body fat, and you have little to none of it.
    I am glad you are part of the group... love you sister.

  4. welcome! i loved reading your plan too! my self sufficient farm won't have geese though :)

  5. Welcome, Nicole. I forgot how much you look like Jen!

  6. Yes, you are all welcome to join my day dream. Liz, I have met many perturbed geese in my day... I need some sort of animal to keep guard :).