Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh snap...

One day late! Believe it or not I have been working on this all month! Squares like this are hard for me...I can do random but color schemes make me stress a little. Anyhow here is the fruit of my efforts:
23 unused squares
1 unfinished

I'll finish it before sending, I think it is my favorite!
Finally, 1 square finished!
Ignore the lighting, It's pale pink & mostly navy.
I love these little girls...I hope it works!?

& a little extra photo for you, Kristin!I will send you the extra's too!
Much Love,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Selvedge Windmill- October 2011

Here we are nearing the end of my second assigned month in 12squared...what better time to finish up my first 12squared quilt top??!!

I LOVE it. 

I spent about 10 minutes just staring at once it was completed. There isn't a single thing I would've done different. 
I contemplated the border for a few days. I considered using just a single print, or maybe even just Kona White, but that would've been a mistake. The selvedge border really makes it, and I'm glad I took the extra time to do it. (chain stitching was a life saver here)

I already have the backing picked out, and I plan to add one more strip of selvedges to it.
Here are a few shots of my quilt wall- I bought full size batting and staple gunned it to the wall.

Simple, and works like a felt board! 

And, here is a shot of my nerd-iness shining through...I did the pinterest thing. I bought comic book boards and organized my fabric....yes, I did.
My sewing room is coming together nicely, now if I could just get a few more hours in the day....

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nauvoo Temple

I thought I'd share this wall hanging I made for my parents.  I made it at least 6 years ago when I had a lousy camera so the colors don't appear as brilliant as they do in person (the background is actually a rust color and so are the letters NAUVOO).  I wish I had logged how many hours it took but it was so fun to make.  I loved every minute of it.  Someday I need to get better photos of it!

Friday, March 23, 2012

sharing inspiration

Have you seen some of the paper piecing on Sew, Mama, Sew! this week? It's by the same girl who created Becca's inspiring envelope quilt.

She's also in another bee that I was drooling over: Patchwork 318
Enjoy their eye candy!
credit: pink penguin

I'm not gonna lie, their intricate paper piecing scares me to death, but I love how they get a theme for their month and get to run wild with it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I need to get rid of some scraps & since I know some of you have limited stashes, I thought I would ask here first. I have three catagories of sizes: small 2 x 2 +, medium 5 x 5+, and large 10 x 10+ . Anyone interested? If so let me know your color preferences & what sizes you'll take.

Spring rain calls for spring cleaning!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Granny Squares for K-Dog

I tried to make this square three times.
My first attempt: I really liked how the fabrics looked together, but I could not get things to line up for the life of me.  By the time I finished it, I had picked out the seams too many times and the fabric ended up stretched and warped.  The finish size will not match up with the other squares.
My second attempt:  I like the concept of gray and yellow, but not convinced that I pulled it off for this square, however, the 1/4" of white all the way around the edges is very precise!

My third attempt: I'm not loving the way all of these fabrics work together in this square, but my seams and points finally lined up!

 So, there you go Kristin.  The best I could do, represented in three squares.  Hope they work!

To Kristin with love (and anxiety),

I hope you enjoy this square.
I had a hard time deciding what colors to do.
Then I had a hard time chosing the fabric.
Then a one year old hastled me the entire time I put this baby together.
Then when I was putting pictures up I realized that the two dots are right next to each other (the one thing my sister suggested I change).
If you hate it blame the one year old.
If you love it thank Jen (for sharing from her stash) and Ace Hardware for having 50% off their fabric :).


P.S. The teal ended up looking lighter in these pictures than is actually is.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another One for Kristin

Kristin, like many others, I wanted to make another square. (Frankly, I wasn't crazy about the first one.)

I will send them both. You can decide to use them both or the one you like the best. (I found TWO plaids for this one!)

Hope you like it.

I will get mine and Elizabeth's in the mail.

Auf wiedersehen!

Friday, March 16, 2012

What makes you nervous?

I am trying to figure out what square to do (even though my turn isn't until November) and I was curious...
What makes you nervous to quilt?

Does paper piecing give you nightmares?

Do "Y seams" put you in a hot sweat?

Do curves make your vision fuzzy?

Or are you like me and simply struggle with keeping your seams 1/4 inch?

So, let's hear it, what square would terrify you?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

square for Kristin

Just finished this last night. and i'll put it in the mail tomorrow.
I decided to do reds and browns, hope its okay for you!

i was in the mood for a project today

today is a cold, wet, rainy day so i decided i needed to do something extra fun.  we've been in our new home for about 8 months now and we have done minimal decorating.  a couple weeks ago i replaced our old ratty dish towels with some new dish towels for spring- teal, yellow and green.  i'd been thinking of teal, yellow and orange ever since january when we made emily's square so was happy to get to throw some orange into this pillow.  THIS is where i found the design for the pillow (check it out- hers is way cuter than mine).  the whole time i went through my scraps i was wishing i had access to all of your scraps! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Twice the fun...

Have I mentioned that I do not think one square a month is enough?
Every month, I think about how 12 squares are not enough to make a substantial quilt.
When Kristin mentioned this months square was for her bed, I figured it would be a good idea to make 2 squares.
Here is my second square for Kristin...
 I think yellow and purple are great contrasting colors.
 Kristin, I am sending you two squares (whether you want them or not).
Pick your favorite or use them both... either way, my feelings will not be hurt.
Love from Oklahoma,


PS In the next months, if anyone wants an extra square or two, I am your girl.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Little Help from My Friends

Sooo... I'm working on my Granny Square and and running in to a problem that I've run in to before when trying to do precision piece work.  For some reason, not matter how carefully I measure, cut and sew, I always end up with some squares that don't line up exactly when the whole thing is put together.  I have been sewing and unpicking all day and am now humble enough to ask for some advice.  So, all you experts out there (yes, I'm talking to you), what are your tips and tricks for getting all your seams in a row, all your points to meet, and your pieces uniform?  OR am I dreaming?  Is the only trick a seam ripper?

Help in Hot Springs!

Becca's mail

I finally got the picture off my phone. I LOVED making this one. I (again) was a little scared to try it but I loved it and loved how it turned out. this material said 'Becca' to me...or maybe Henry??  :)  Hope you like it!
 It's a dark blue envelope the picture makes it look black.

I had to put an upclose of this guy, I just think he's cute

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Totally love this square!!! I think the notches are inevitable. My thoughts on why. We were asked to cut 1/4 inch from the center of the diamond. That's where the notches start. So if we cut right thought the center I don't think it would happen. Just my 2 cents. Kristin has some killer skills and can work them into the seam.

2 of 3

i'll eventually make a quilt with the second square, and probably pick apart the first...

they both use a "modified cathedral window" concept, which opens up so many possibilities. i'll play around with it more for sure!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

x marks the spot

my daughter thinks the middle looks like an x. hopefully i'm near the mark!
what a delightful square! I am definitely making one of these again!
hopefully it's not too much pink.
or too many cherries. :) but hey, at least you'll know it's mine, right? :)

sending much love to Germany!

My Granny Square for Kristin, from a real Granny...

Kristin, what a fun square! (I think I will make another one. Or more!)

I am really confused as to why some of the finished squares have the notches in the white and mine doesn't! Is it a matter of ironing? Anyway, you told Jen hers was ok with notches, so I hope mine is too.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

for kristin

i just loved the square you chose.  what a genius idea for a quilting bee- 13 different fabrics incorporated into each square.  i had great difficulty choosing a color scheme so i made two for you (you don't have to use both, of course).  i would love to see the other four blocks you made for ideas!  if anyone would like to share quilt ideas from your pinterest accounts i am interested in seeing them.  not sure how i will ever come up with an idea for my quilt come september.  thinking this would be a great one if i can't find another idea!  i hope you like these.  -camie
p.s. went to joanns yesterday and they were not familiar with denyse schmidt.  sorry!