Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Quilting is the new Knitting"

I found this article in Southern Living. It made me smile and think, "hey, we are kinda cool..." a thought later I realized maybe Southern Living isn't really a 'gauge your coolness' by a magazine kinda read?! Oh well...

On another note, totally in LOVE with this dresser!!! If you ever find one buy first then call me!

Teriney, the Cool Quilter S.L. standards


  1. T, I think we are cool. Everyone I tell about our little Bee is truly impressed. (I will admit those are mostly women in my local quilt stores.) Thanks for the fun post friend.

  2. Have you tried the recipes in Southern Living? I've never been disappointed!

  3. Thanks Jen! And yes Camie, I love it for the recipes and the also has great tips on gardening, but I am not so much a gardner...last year I got 3 tommies(fantastic by last last years standards) & 5 stawberries!

  4. ha!ha! teriney, you crack me up! but, that is a great dresser.