Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Here it is Becca!
Can't wait to see this cheerful quilt complete:)
& btw
Avery does not want me to give this one away...

Jen D.- my apologies I know I'm a month behind getting you your square!  I'll finish yours tonight (one of my triangles didn't meet up well) and then send it off in the am!!!  

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm So Excited...

And I just can't hide it!
I know I'm jumping the gun here but, don't these squares look so cheerful all stacked up?  Every time I glance at this growing stack, I feel so jubilant... and I want to eat Skittles.  Hopefully, some of my nerdy giddiness will make its way across the world wide web and into your Sunday. :)  
I heart you girls!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Elephants on Parade!

Holly has been trying to upload a picture of her finished quilt top but unable so far.

So while I was visiting teaching today, I snapped a pic with my phone so you can see another finished quilt top!
I love how all the elephants look together! I love the different borders that tie it all together!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teriney's Bottled Rainbow

Blue for Becca! This square at first seemed really simple, then really difficult and finally, a ton of fun! It took me time to get my groove and go with the flow but once there, it was easy! I had to remind myself several times that once a shape was cut, I could cut it again if needed ;)hee hee Enjoy Becca!


Here you go, Bex!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


blue bottle

here's your square, Becca! I hope it's okay...

I can take that Arkansas piece out if it's too yellow.

(the glue stick method is great!)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

nephew love

here is Max's quilt...

He turns 12 on June 20th.

It is Oh Fransson's New Waves pattern with Moda's Robotics line. I even tried out my new embroidery machine (see his name bottom right). Backing is a stripe from Hobby Lobby. Did I mention how much I love my walking foot?

Leaving Saturday for Utah. Maybe I'll have to go to some fabric and thrift stores while I'm there to fill up the empty space in my suitcase! Suggestions?

June Block: Bottled Rainbows

Yippee!  It's my turn!!  Can you tell I'm super excited??
For my pick, I'd like to do a modified Bottled Rainbows quilt, as seen on the blog, Stitched in Color.
The link shows a "quilt as you go" method, constructing each square with the batting.  However, for my quilt, I prefer we just piece the top together as we've done before (no batting).  Also, my measurements are a little different from the Stitched in Color tutorial.  So, while the link is a good visual reference, make sure you are looking at my instructions when you start cutting!
If you're not already familiar with Bottled Rainbows, you'll basically be using scraps to make a  fabric mosaic.  By now, everyone should have their assigned color.  If you need some help gathering enough scraps for your color, I'd be happy to send some from my stash.  

A few specifics:

  • Please use white thread, regardless of your assigned color.
  • I'd prefer your scraps to be angled, not curved or round .
  • The spacing between the scraps doesn't need to be uniform, but please keep them under ¼”.
  • It's okay if your scraps vary slightly in shade from the frame color, but I would prefer that you not use fabric that is DARKER than the frame.
  • I'd really love it if all the scraps were printed fabrics (I don't mind if the fabrics are textured), but please keep solids out.
  • Generally, I like vintage inspired prints, ditsy prints, polka dots, stripes and florals.  I shy away from watercolor looking prints, prints with a lot of black or metalic in them, really bold or juvenile prints.  But, overall, I hope you will be able to pull most of what you use from your stash or swap with friends.

What I like is more like this:

Less like this:

Hope you have fun with this!  Here's the one I made:

Bottled Rainbows Block-- Becca's Instructions

Fabric Measurements:
(2)     2 ½” x 15 ¾” strips of color fabric
(2)     2 ½” x 11 ½” strips of color fabric
(1)      12 x 11 ½” square of white fabric
Lots of scraps, of any size-- the main colors of the scraps should reflect the color of the strips

  • Sew the short (11 ½”) strips to the short (11 ½”) sides of the white square and press seams
  • Sew the long (15 ¾”) strips to the long (12”) sides of the white square and press seams
  • The white square should now be framed with the colored strips
  •  Lay out scraps within the white square, trimming and shaping the pieces to fit like a mosaic.  
  •  Once you are satisfied with the layout, use a washable glue stick to secure the pieces onto the white square.  
  •  Use a small zig-zag to stitch around the edge of each scrap, attaching them to the white square
  • You should have a finished square that is approximately 15”x15 ½”.  Do NOT trim.