Tuesday, January 10, 2012

greetings from deutschland!

hey there all-

i'm kristin. i know most of you, but to the newcomers, welcome! it's fun to add new sewers to our mix.

we just moved our family of 6 abroad, so we're a little crazy for the time being.

i love to sew all kinds of things for my four children, bags, and clothes for myself.

last year was my first attempt at quilting and it definitely found it's place in my heart.

i can't wait for another year of monthly projects, and to broaden my quilting horizon.

i am really looking forward to getting settled in a house so i can spread out again...this keeping all of my sewing stuff packed up is for the birds!!

i've spotted a few little sewing spots around our new little village in germany, and i can't wait to scour europe for special fabrics and notions to add to my stash- and of course to share with my friends:)

thanks for having me back, 12squared!


  1. How fabulous to get to live in a little town in Germany. Beautiful family!

  2. I love the family picture! And I am so glad we are now facebook friends because I get to hear about all of your German adventures from the comfort of my own home. Good luck on the driving test!

  3. Guten tag! can we use "stitchers" instead of "sewers"? I just had an image of stinky dark tunnels with rats. eek! Have you been able to find groceries? On my mission, we couldn't get taco seasoning, tortillas, or kool-aid. But we made do with croissants, nutella, and waffles. ;)

  4. You all are so lovely and handsome. We miss you so much. But also envy your adventure. I am excited to "stitch" with you!

  5. emily, we have the luxury of the commissary on base. we have access to all of the above, including caffeine free diet coke, and goldfish (which is almost as coveted as cake mixes around here)! my favorite german indulgence so far are the soft pretzels...i can't get enough! and yes stitchers does sound better than sewers:) tschuss!