Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Summer Cabin

Dear Camie,
I really wanted to make sure I did a spectacular job on your block this year, since I pretty sure I messed up your last block.  In my efforts for precision, I trimmed up the edges as I went along.  But by the time I was nearly finished, it was apparent that I over trimmed and the block was coming up short.  So, I added a really wide extra layer that you can trim to your specifications.  Each edge is about 19", give or take.  I hope that will work!
Do the flowers in the photo help make up for the fact that it's not perfect?


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cabin for Camie

This square is not perfect but I'm hoping it'll still work! I can't wait to see pictures of your family picnicking on this quilt. I think it's going to turn out lovely! You'll notice it's bigger than you requested. I got pretty anxious when I went to trim it down and took it as a sign. Hopefully you don't mind trimming it up real quick. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

April's Flowering Snowball

which truly couldn't be more appropriately themed for my German spring! we go from promising sunshine to overcast and snowflakes in the blink of an eye.
so here is my tutorial, complete with a pattern and a third party tutorial linky- because sometimes the third party's say it better than i do :)
pattern pieces; only three. you will need to cut 4 of piece A, 4 of piece B, and 1 C. i'll list the color specs toward the bottom of the post.
  here is your layout, you'll start with a corner.
 if curves are new to you, this is a great place to start. these are quite simple, just take your time.
 you'll want to line these points up, go ahead and bring that gray piece (B) all the way so that it's even with the straight edge on piece (A). it will make the curved seam a little more even. 
 i have found it easier to not use pins, but try it out, see what is more comfortable for you.
with one corner complete, attach the middle (C) piece to (A) pieces.
 onto the opposite corner-
 now attach the three pieces together- please carefully line up piece (C) with the corner pieces (A).

you should end up with 12" block. after a couple of attempts to get the colors right- i've decided to change them slightly from what you see here. the yellow pieces will remain, the plum pieces will also be yellow. the B's will remain a light gray and white/low value. piece C will be a dark gray.

i'm looking for rich mustard yellows- not citrus.
 ^^^^^^more this^^^^^

and for the grays, i want the grays to have a presence, but not compete with the yellow. if you could use different fabrics for each of the B pieces and please, if possible, use light gray and white monotone fabrics. think, low volume. for the C piece- darker gray. not black, but something that contrasts with your B pieces.

no need to trim your block once you've finished, just please make sure that it's at least a 12" square. i will mail the template in the morning- if you are stash short and need any of the color requests please let me know and i'll include them.

danke, friends!! Happy chilly April!

(molly flanders tutorial - http://mollyflanders.blogspot.de/2011/06/flowering-snowball_20.html)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Camie's punchy cabin

I had so much fun with this one!! One of the best parts was that I used almost all scraps :)

The whole time I worked on this
I was thinking of fruit punch...I hope the colors are okay.

Such a happy square. Thanks, Camie!
(I promise that the feather scrap is orange and not red��)

It's not you, it's me ;)

Hello my fellow quilters. I thought before the next tutorial goes out I should let you know that I am not going to be finishing out the year. Emily and Nicole I will finish your squares...half way there. Camie, I never received your fabric.

Thank you for being such wonderful quilting friends. My life is just too busy and something's had to go.
Hugs and Quilt on!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Scrappy Log Cabin for Camie (& Ribbon Star)

I just finished Camie's square. So fun! I hope many happy picnics are enjoyed on this quilt.  We're having perfect picnic weather. 

I also finished my Ribbon Star quilt from last year. I love it! My photography isn't great and it has fold lines in it, but I don't have the energy to iron it/take new photos. It is for a dear friend who is having her first daughter in June. Thanks to all who worked on it!

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Another one for Nicole-

Here she is- in all her glory! 

                    Hope you likey....


Saturday, February 28, 2015

march: scrappy log cabin

First off, THANK YOU for making this block for me.  It's bright and cheerful and will serve as a picnic blanket this summer because we finally have a lawn in our backyard!!

I sent fabric and instructions on Wednesday so most of you should receive it today, the 28th.

The middle square will be 3" and I have sent that to you along with several other fabrics for you to put into the block to create a sense of continuity.  You will need some 1.5" strips of fabric and 2" strips of your own fabric.

Colors: light yellow, shades of pink, orange, lime green, aqua 
(Please, please, please refrain from red and purple and stick with the colors you see)
You will start adding strips of fabric to the LEFT side of the 3" middle square and move clockwise.  The first strip will be strip #1.  You'll add strips #1 through #28.  The widths of each strip  and how many fabrics each will contain (one or two) is below.  It is okay to repeat a couple fabrics in your block.

Strip 1: 2" strip of one fabric
Strip 2: 1.5" strip of one fabric
Strip 3: 2" strip of one fabric
Strip 4: 1.5" strip of one fabric

 Strip 5: 1.5" strip of one fabric
Strip 6 & 7: 2" strips of two fabrics
Strip 8: 2" strip of one fabric
Strip 9: 2" strip of one fabric

Strip 10 & 11: 2" strips of two fabrics
Strip 12 & 13: 1.5" strips of two fabrics
Strip 14: 1.5" strip of one fabric
Strip 15 & 16: 1.5" strip of two fabrics

Strip 17 & 18: 1.5" strips of two fabrics
Strip 18 & 19: 2" strips of two fabrics
Strip 21 & 22: 1.5" strips of two fabrics
Strips 23 & 24: 2" strips of two fabrics
(at this point the block will be 13.5 width x 12.5 length)

PLEASE NOTE: You can stop at this point making sure the size of the block is 13.5x12.5 or I would LOVE it if you could add four more strips around the block to make it a little bigger.  If not, I'll go ahead and add the strips- not a problem!

Strip 25: 1.5" strip of one fabric
Strip 26: 2" strip of one fabric
Strip 27: 1.5" strip of one fabric
Strip 28: 2" strip of one fabric

The finished block will be 15.5" x 15.5"

Please just make sure it ends up 15.5 by 15.5 even if it means making the last strips a little wider or narrower.

Thanks again!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Castle Complete

One more block ready to guard the keep. This quilt is going to look amazing, Nicole. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Castles for Nivole

I must admit that I was intimidated by this due my lack of skills. Thank you for taking the time to make the written tutorial!! I conquered a fear and learned a new skill. 
And I only had to unpick a few seams. Success!

I also made a quilt for my Mother in law's birthday last week. What do you get a lady who has everything?