Thursday, March 1, 2012

March of the Granny Squares

would you all like to know how many blocks i made before i settled on this one??



i'm not sure if it's the move, or my toddler, or the whiplash from all of these new German dents in my car-- but i feel like i'm really off my sewing game.

however, this morning, 
that's right, 
this morning, 
i found clarity.

i whipped ye little block up in about an hour, and loved it! 

i found it on pinterest about a month ago, and linked it to the source, blue elephant.

here is her tutorial. she does a good job. you should probably follow hers.

here's mine. remember, 
international move,

bear with me...

all of the squares for this pattern are going to be 3.5 inches.

you'll need 12 white squares (using the kona white I'll send), 8 of the same color tone for the outer ring, and 5 of the same color tone for the inner ring.

 for my block i chose red and blue.
once you get all of the squares cut (25 total), take a few minutes and arrange them.
have fun with the size of the prints, values, etc.
once you have your squares arranged, start assembling.
for me, the easiest way to do this visually, was to turn my mat on an angle and attach the squares by rows.  
 your lonely white squares at the top and bottom will be attached last.
  once you have all of your squares stitched into rows, start attaching your rows. right sides together. make sure to keep your middle squares centered.
once all of your rows are attached it should look like this.
almost done.
next, trim the edges.
you'll want to trim 1/4 inch outside of the points.
and voila! a granny square block!

i love the combination of traditional and modern. i love the uses of color against each other and then framed with the white. i love how simple this pattern is to make, but how intricate it looks.

a few specifics:
* along with the white, please use contrasting colors tones for the "outer ring" and the "inner ring"

* my fabric preferences: i love geometric prints, modern, abstract, linear, polka dots, simple, or vintage prints. 

my favorite designers are denyse schmidt (especially her latest from Joanns that i can't get any of, hint hint, i mean, if you happen to have it on hand of course), lizzy house, laurie wisbrun, and anna maria horner (i certainly don't expect anyone to go purchase fabric, i just wanted to give you an idea of my style)

dislikes: traditional florals, novelty, neon, the "watercolor" effect

* please use a 1/4 inch seam allowance, white thread, and press the seams open...i know, i know:)

* i'm shipping out the kona white tomorrow, so it should get to you next week. i'm sorry about the delay---no amazing excuses here. feel free to go ahead if you happen to have a kona white stash, to get started (you'll need about 1/8 of a yard)

* this quilt is for my bed...just something to keep in mind. (probably why I was so non-committal)

please email me if you have any questions or if i need to clarify anything. anything at all.
here is a shot what my brain feels you know.
i totally blame the wonder baby, for everything.

hugs to you all, and i can't wait to wrap myself up in all of your handiwork!


  1. Oh, Kristin! This looks so fun! I am excited.
    I miss you and your family. Sending my love to all.

  2. Love it! I had this "pinned" as one of my possibilities for August! Guess I'll have to keep looking! :) can't wait to start!

  3. Love it! Don't worry about sending me fabric. I'll pick some up tomorrow. Is it just 'white kona'? I also have Liz and Mardie covered. Eat some Milka for me!

  4. I already have some Kona White. love the design! (What were the other 3?)

  5. I just stocked up on my Kona also. Are there any colors you would prefer we avoid?

  6. Don't worry about sending me Kona, either. Unless you've already sent it. I'm excited about this one!

  7. I LOVE it also. And I have Kona white. I think it will probably be easier to have us use our Kona or pick it up since it's such a small amount. That way you don't have to send it from so far away.

  8. This is a great square! I love the blue and red. I am sorry to say I don't know who any of those designers are (I am so out of it!) but I will look for Denise Schmidt at Joanns because I need to look for some fabrics anyway. Are you sure you only want us to make one? I am happy to make more than one if you so desire.

  9. so, we trim it 1/4" from the points of the outer ring print squares? It looks like yours is trimmed at more... like 1/2"? The tutorial looks like 1/4". Just want to get it right!

  10. Camie, feel free to make as many as you'd like! Em, it was 1/4" from the corner of the outside white square, but it looks like you figured it out!!