Friday, March 9, 2012

A Little Help from My Friends

Sooo... I'm working on my Granny Square and and running in to a problem that I've run in to before when trying to do precision piece work.  For some reason, not matter how carefully I measure, cut and sew, I always end up with some squares that don't line up exactly when the whole thing is put together.  I have been sewing and unpicking all day and am now humble enough to ask for some advice.  So, all you experts out there (yes, I'm talking to you), what are your tips and tricks for getting all your seams in a row, all your points to meet, and your pieces uniform?  OR am I dreaming?  Is the only trick a seam ripper?

Help in Hot Springs!


  1. I am NO expert!!! So far from it! I'm a wanna be, and you and your comrades are the reason... But, I'm wondering. Do you have a 1/4 inch foot? I would NOT even attempt quilting if it weren't for that awesome little tool!!

    Is the row of squares on the bottom slipping out of alignment? I had to pick the square I did for my mom's block out twice bc it slipped when I was sewing the bottom 1/2 of the block to the top. I finally pinned it in place and marked the area where it would bring my points together. ...probably sounds clear as mud!

  2. no expert either, although i was taught by a professional seamstress...(:

    sometimes if i can get things lined up then i start pinning from the middle and work my way out. sometimes i don't pin because it messes me's possible that the kona squares that you received weren't exact either.

    in the end, i will not be inspecting the seams for precision so don't get blisters from your seam ripper, okay?!

  3. well, my seam ripper is actually broken, so i'm just using tiny scissors... which may be a big part of my frustration. but, i think these ideas, so keep 'em coming.

  4. I agree - check your seam allowance. Other than that, measure the pieces when cutting? I don't know. I also pin the seams together when attaching rows so that they'll line up.

  5. the first thought I had was that especially when cutting a bunch of little squares like this, it's hard to keep all the fabric going the right direction. since each fabric has a more stretchy and less stretchy direction (not talking about bias), they may not all be going the same direction. so for me, sometimes it's all about easing it through, kind of keeping one square taut while the other relaxes to keep them all matching up depending on how stretchy they are and how they feed through.

  6. All of the above make for sound advice. I am wondering if Elizabeth's concern may be a real culprit. The lengthwise (warp) threads of your fabric "give" the least amount. The crosswise (woof) threads "give" a little more and obviously, the bias "gives" a lot! Paying attention to the layout of your fabric and cutting consistently along the lengthwise threads will give you squares that stretch the least. It will keep things more consistent.

    I may not know my granny squares, but I know my 'Warps' and 'Woofs'.

    I also am a "pinner".