Thursday, March 8, 2012


Totally love this square!!! I think the notches are inevitable. My thoughts on why. We were asked to cut 1/4 inch from the center of the diamond. That's where the notches start. So if we cut right thought the center I don't think it would happen. Just my 2 cents. Kristin has some killer skills and can work them into the seam.


  1. so cute, amy! i'm not sure about the notches...i'll play with it. the seam allowance has to be the answer:)

  2. What a great square! I love the color combination and the choice of patterns.

  3. I absolutely love your the colors and your fabric choice. Very pretty!

  4. lovely!

    The tutorial Kristin linked to on Blue Elephant Stitches says "Now you just need to trim your block! You'll want to cut a quarter inch away from the point in your colored squares, so that the point doesn't get lost in your seam allowance."

    Based on that, I think we're supposed to trim the square so there's only 1/4" of white past the point of the outer colored squares. I think that would eliminate most, if not all, of the notches. Is that how you interpret that step?

    1. yes, that's what I thought. But it's totally not a big deal, because Kristin can trim them or just sew them in.

  5. Good job Amy! Everytime I see the green and black flower at the store I think of picking them up...I like it!