Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To Kristin with love (and anxiety),

I hope you enjoy this square.
I had a hard time deciding what colors to do.
Then I had a hard time chosing the fabric.
Then a one year old hastled me the entire time I put this baby together.
Then when I was putting pictures up I realized that the two dots are right next to each other (the one thing my sister suggested I change).
If you hate it blame the one year old.
If you love it thank Jen (for sharing from her stash) and Ace Hardware for having 50% off their fabric :).


P.S. The teal ended up looking lighter in these pictures than is actually is.


  1. I was thinking of using the 3rd red on the top too. Funny~ Look's fantastic!

  2. Sister, you never fail. I love you so very much. You do good work.

  3. Nicole, tell your monkey that that he did a fantastic job on my square. Jen and Ace, thank you for the fabric. Nicole, thank you for the skills. I love it!

  4. That is fabulous! And Ace Hardware has fabric? What the what! Awesome job.

    1. My thoughts exactly...Ace has fabric?! Looks great Nicole.

    2. I have only been to two Ace stores that had fabric, one in Wyoming and one in St. George.

    3. I am shocked! Leave it to Ace Hardware to take care of the women too! Nicole, I love your square.