Friday, March 2, 2012

To Kristin Love, Jen

Dear Kristin,
To avoid packing for my trip, I decided to start quilting a 12:30 am.
Avoidance is a re-accuring event for me.
(Does anyone love packing?)
I decided to go with green and orange.
Everything was going smoothly, until the last step.
When I went to cut the points of to square up the quilt... I was left with 1/4 inch triangles along all the edges. 
This picture makes it look worse that it really is, but you can see what I am talking about.
 Part of me thinks it can be sewn into the seam allowance...
the other part of me wants to start over.
Problem is, I do not know where I want wrong.
Please give me further instructions.
Were my seam allowances slightly too generous? Did I cut it wrong?
REALLY do not mind starting over.
Just let me know.

Love you,

PS I am leaving for Mexico in a few hours. If I am murdered or kidnapped by the Mexican Cartel, I hereby bestow my fabric collection to Nicole.  Additionally, I would also expect to be buried in a 12squared quilt. ;)


  1. Nope, it's perfect! I love the fabric choices, and I have those little triangles on mine too. I can't believe you are already done!! Be safe in Mexico, give a status update every now and then so we know you're okay!

    I seriously love the square!

  2. Dang you're fast! I love the color combo you chose.

  3. Wow, Jen! You are so fast! I love how it looks. Have a great time in Mexico.

  4. Dear Jen,
    I love it. I may not be able to wait for the Mexican Cartel to nab you. If you come home and your fabric stash is gone, don't be surprised.
    Your Sister

  5. love the color combo, jen! have fun on your trip.

  6. Love the colors! Thanks for the book post so we know the cartel hasn't gotten you yet! :)

  7. Hey Love this! I am still working on Kristin's and a few times I have picked out 3 or 4 of the same fabrics you have in yours...dang you and your promptness! Love the square!