Friday, March 23, 2012

sharing inspiration

Have you seen some of the paper piecing on Sew, Mama, Sew! this week? It's by the same girl who created Becca's inspiring envelope quilt.

She's also in another bee that I was drooling over: Patchwork 318
Enjoy their eye candy!
credit: pink penguin

I'm not gonna lie, their intricate paper piecing scares me to death, but I love how they get a theme for their month and get to run wild with it!


  1. I love this little mermaid! Thanks for the links Liz, I had fun looking at all of the creative squares. I hope we see more paper/foundation piecing this year!

  2. That is darling! Reminds me of my little mermaid at home who is always in a swimsuit running around our home.

  3. We just did a paper piecing square in Trading Pieces. Their tutorial was very clear and covered all of the steps well. It can be done! I love the mermaid too.