Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dear Becca,

'One of these days I am gonna sit down and write a long letter to all the good friends I've known' (Neil Young) until then here you go Becca! I really enjoyed doing this...even the time I spent unpicking the white Kona. It was my pride. I thought I had it all down and went 'sew' crazy to then realize I oops'd.

I know I am one of the last to finish. I really wanted to find the right fabric and color. I like the feel of this fabric. It kind of whimsy meet vintage. At least I think so.

Here is your MICRO shot

I realized today that I never introduced myself. The originals know me and "hey! why not the rest?" This is me below. I would smile, but I found it shows how tired my eyes are...so here I am looking as fresh as I could possible do.

I thought about putting on make-up, but then no one would recognize me...?
I know...who I am (most days).
I want...kind caring children who are not afraid to be different.
I have...a coke zero addiction.
I wish...I could travel more.
I hate...a dirty house.
I miss...all kinds of things and people.
I fear...alligators and loss.
I hear...dogs barking and kids laughing.
I smell...dirty.
I crave...chocolate all the time!
I love...my Husband and children more than anything in the world...and then sewing.

(December 2012)

I don't have time to finish the rest so feel free to leave a comment finishing one for yourself!
I search... wonder...I regret...I care...I always...I am going...I believe...I dance... I sing...I fight...I write...I lose...I win...I never...I listen...I am scared...I need...I hope...




  1. I love chocolate brown... it is fitting that the girl who craves chocolate all the time would pick a chocolate brown envelope. Love you T!

  2. you remind- me to slow down. you might not get that now...i'll explain it to you someday. love you.

  3. your fabric is so fun! I love it. And I love your introduction, you can learn a lot from a person using those few words.

  4. I love those fabrics. That is the most darling print- love the vintage bicycle. Makes me want to ride down a cobblestone street and buy a loaf of fresh bread.

  5. teriney, you crack me up! thanks for giving me something to laugh about this morning. love the whimsy meets vintage. darling print.

  6. Once again, I am in love with your fabric choice? I'm sorry to stalk you again about the source, but who and where? Also, you are a beauty, inside and out!

  7. I'll change it a bit.
    You are always... learning something new.
    You are REALLY afraid... of alligators. Really folks, she is!
    You sing... to your kids.
    Love your fabric and letter. As always.