Thursday, March 29, 2012

Selvedge Windmill- October 2011

Here we are nearing the end of my second assigned month in 12squared...what better time to finish up my first 12squared quilt top??!!

I LOVE it. 

I spent about 10 minutes just staring at once it was completed. There isn't a single thing I would've done different. 
I contemplated the border for a few days. I considered using just a single print, or maybe even just Kona White, but that would've been a mistake. The selvedge border really makes it, and I'm glad I took the extra time to do it. (chain stitching was a life saver here)

I already have the backing picked out, and I plan to add one more strip of selvedges to it.
Here are a few shots of my quilt wall- I bought full size batting and staple gunned it to the wall.

Simple, and works like a felt board! 

And, here is a shot of my nerd-iness shining through...I did the pinterest thing. I bought comic book boards and organized my fabric....yes, I did.
My sewing room is coming together nicely, now if I could just get a few more hours in the day....


  1. i'm not gonna lie, i teared up a bit seeing your finished quilt top. it is absolutely gorgeous!

    i didn't see the diamond and square secondary pattern coming!

    what a beautiful work of art!

    your felt wall is wonderful! what a great tool! your bookshelves are beautiful! and your quilt! so inspiring! i'm so glad it turned out just as you wanted!

  2. holy roman empire! professional fabric organization. quilt board. you are a real quilter. that's all i can say.

  3. Holy smokes, I the quilt is lovely and one day I want a sewing room like yours!

  4. well, becca, when you guys all ditched me by staying in arkansas i had to make new friends. they just happen to be inanimate. maybe i even talk to them sometimes....

    and seriously, batting stapled to a wall and comic book cardboard hardly make me a real quilter. i still prefer my seams pressed open, okay??

  5. Wow!!!! You are an artist Kristin!!! I love it!

  6. Kristin, this is gorgeous! I LOVE it! The other patterns created when it is all together are a delight. I am inspired! (And yes... I too have my fabric color coded...)

    "Ye almost persuadeth me to press my seams open!"

  7. I had the same thoughts as Liz. The way in came together is amazing! Isn't it funny how seeing a 12squared quilt makes our hearts swell. Oh! I LOVE IT!

  8. OH WOW!!! That is gorgeous! I would've stared at it for at least an hour. I love the designs you choose for your quilts!