Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Okay I'm going to get this over with- posting blocks for others makes me nervous!  I hope you like it, Becca.  I wish I could get better photos so you could actually see the prints in more detail but you'll get to see them in person.  For example, the first yellow has gray in it but you can't tell from these pics.


  1. great colors! are we supposed to sew them all together or just some of them?

  2. OH!! I love it! I don't know why you are ever nervous, Camie. You really do an AMAZING job of putting prints and color together. Liz, it is all the same to me if you sew them all together or do two sets of four triangles. I've got lots and lots of triangles over here and will be able to fit what ever you send me into the quilt.