Tuesday, June 10, 2014

just wondering

I had never heard of polaroid block swaps until this very minute.  The blocks are DARLING!  I had hard time copying and pasting a photo but you can see some examples HERE.  The further you scroll the cuter they get. I have something in mind for my quilt block which I will share in September so I wonder if anyone wants to do a polaroid block swap just for fun.  I figure if I buy some cute fabrics and only need one image it would be a bit of a waste but if I could make several blocks and swap them- perfect!
Let me know if you're interested and how many you'd be interested in swapping.  If you're not interested, don't feel bad.  Never hurts to try. :)
P.S.  We had a Hobby Lobby open last week and I'm excited.  I hear they have some fun fabrics, something my area was desperate for!!


  1. i'm in! i have seen them and even thought of doing it for my 12squared month, so i'd love to try it!

  2. I have these on my mental list of things to make. I may be interested in participating in a swap. Regarding Hobby Lobby, I have one right by my house. They always have a 40% off coupon on their mobile app. I use it usually to buy supplies or on Kona solids. They have Kona solids 30% every day but if you want to use your 40% coupon on it they'll write it on the ticket at full price.

  3. I think you will like Hobby Lobby. Sounds like a fun swap! Count me in.