Friday, June 6, 2014

60 Degree Triangle Quilt Tutorial

Here's my little tutorial for June's Triangle Quilt (it's actually going to be a duvet cover).  I'm mailing you all 4 precut triangles and would love it if you could add four more from your own stash.  

Your fabric will need to be 7" wide, with the stretchy grain running horizontally.
Including the triangles I'm sending you, you should have eight pieces.
Line them up in diamond shape pairs, making sure to keep the grain of the fabric going in the same direction.
"Fold" your diamonds in half, right sides together, and sew with a 1/4" seam allowance.  
I pinned mine, so I wouldn't mix up the direction of the grain.
Press the seams open. 
Then, turn the EFGH diamond counterclockwise until H's edge lines up with C's edge, right sides together.
So, E will be on the bottom left and G will be the top right.
Sew C and H together.
Press seams open.
Then repeat for the other four remaining triangles.
That's it!  So easy!
There's a more detailed tutorial on Sew Fresh Quilts, if you need it.  Her tutorial shows how to cut multiple triangles from one strip of fabric, but you only need one triangle from each of your choices.  There are two parts and you can find them HERE.

I would love it if your fabrics coordinated with Bonnie and Camille's April Showers line...
bright navy blue, cherry red, pale summer green, emerald green, yellow, gray, off white.
I love polka dots, tiny florals, stripes, gingham, vintage reprints, subtle designs. Solids are okay, too.
Thanks, girls!  I can't wait to get this all together!


  1. i love ANYthing bonnie & camille! this will be so beautiful!

  2. Okay, so after looking at the linked tutorial, and then seeing someone else' finished line of triangles, I am thoroughly confused. :) Are we supposed to end up with a line of 8 triangles, or a block of two rows of four triangles each? I love a challenge, but I also hate to unpick! haha.