Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello, My name is Teriney, and I am a slacker.

Introducing March, April, May and June. This year has been busier than I expected. I really enjoyed working on each of these squares. I hope that they will please the receivers :) Despite their lateness...sorry ladies.



(Why didn't I take all the pictures on the floor? My iron cover has seen better days.)

I also included a few things that have kept me busy...

scraping popcorn ceilings in prep for new floor!
FYI: The few episodes I have seen of Dexter, I am convinced he has help draping all that plastic. What a chore.

I new blanket for my great nephew. Can't wait to hold the little cherub!

 More sewing for the Children's theater. This was a personal favorite.
Sleeping Beauty's Dress

I also spend some time on a birthday outfit for my Ruby and dance costumes for one of my daughters dance class...You're in luck no pictures :)

Here's to being more prompt!


  1. Wow I am so impressed by all your work. I have so many nice things to say about each of your blocks and blanket and gown! :)

  2. And you home school three children. And ran an 11 mile obstacle race. And potty trained your two-year old. And are prepping for Girls' Camp. All while your husband was out of town for a week. You are amazeballs. Love the strawberries. You know me well.

  3. That's my daughter in law... watching the Soaps and eating bon bons! Actually, she makes me very tired! And proud!