Sunday, June 3, 2012

Robyn's Tile

Here you go, Robin! This was a fun one. I also had hard time choosing fabric that wasn't too matchy, so I'm not in love with how it turned out. But, I like it.

If you aren't happy with it, I'll gladly make you a second one.

I thought it was fun how Liz broke down the anatomy of her block, so here is mine:
the red floral print is Joel Dewberry. I picked it up on a trip back in 2009 from a fun little shop in CHICAGO called The Needle Shop. The brown and green mod print is from a pillow I made that sits on my bed. The white floral is from a vintage sheet that I used to back Ryli's 8th bithday quilt. The navy print is from a shirt that I made for myself. The blue vintage floral print came from a fabric store in Mississippi that I like stop at on the way to the beach in Florida (Ryli also has a dress out of it). Finally, the dot print is from the Swell line, which is getting harder and harder to find these days. I didn't notice it when first came out, so I ended up settling for a sample card on ebay after it was out of print:)

Anyway- there you go! I hope you're enjoying your final days as a southerner!!!


  1. Thanks Kristin! I love it!! Love the sheet fabric!

    I'm sorry I set you guys such a fussy task! Rest assured that so far they are looking fabulous together. Eclectic, fun, and bright. I'll post what I've got so far sometime to show the happy family you're all forming!

    Thank you!

  2. Love the anatomy of your square. Good origins and good times.

  3. very pretty! that red is popular!