Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Like pretty maids, all in a row

I mentioned on Kristin's post that I wanted to post a pic of the squares I have so far, and here I am doing it!!!  I say that with such amazement because I might be pretty quiet around here coming up.  (Teriney and Sarah...I promise I'll get your squares to you in good time....just perhaps not IN time.)  You see, we're moving to Denver in mid July and I am officially off my ever living rocker.  Not really, but things like quilting may or may not be able to be accomplished in my "free time".  Sigh. 

Anyway, here are the squares I have so far.  No worries if yours isn't done, sent, etc. (see above paragraph and my track record for last minute squares).  I just had to share how fun it's turning out! I also wanted to ease the fears of the many who worried about their fabric choices and square composition since the guidelines were so wide.

I honestly love it.  It's happy, bright, eclectic and just what I wanted. Thank you thank you thank you friends!

(And 'scuse the wrinkles...I've had them safely folded and tucked away and didn't press them for their photo shoot.)


  1. so fun to see them all together! they look wonderful! good luck on your move!

  2. They look so good together! Good luck with the move. Hopefully you will love Denver as much as I do. I spent several of my growing up years there and still consider it home. Lots of good LDS people, lots of fun things to do and places to visit.

  3. Those really came together nicely! Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  4. Robyn, this is going to be so pretty. I really like the way that it "goes together" even with all of the difference!