Friday, June 29, 2012

this ones for the birds

Flying your way Teriney,

I send this to you with mixed emotions. the first of the 9 squares I think I had beginers luck and I flew threw it....the second,third,fourth,fifth, sixth and seventh I had to do over a two week period because I was spending more time with the seam ripper then with my husbad :). I faced the wind tonight and it finally clicked how I am really supose to do pattern piecing (I think It took a little more math then my mom brain knew, but remembered), but the last two squares I LOVED doing and so here is my portion on its way to you right now.

(sorry, for some reason I can't rotate this little guy)

 much love- Sarah


  1. Nice job, Sarah! I like your little bird. :)

  2. That little guy is so cute. Great job!

  3. Thank you! The little bird is cute! And thanks for sticking with it despite all the seam ripping!!!