Friday, June 29, 2012

a couple quick quilts i've been working on

P.S.  I cannot wait to see what we're doing for JULY!!  The templates have me really excited.  I have had chocolate, vanilla and strawberry on my mind.  Can't wait to see what you have in mind!!


  1. Camie - they are both terribly lovely! I love them both! Who are they for?

  2. The top one is for my family- just a throw for summer. The lovliest fabrics were from YOU! The butterfly quilt is for a friend who is expecting her 7th baby soon. (I tried to recreate the quilt I saw on your pinterest but I couldn't get those points to line up so I had to add some sashing. Then after it was pieced I noticed the sashing and two of the background blocks are off-white instead of white so it looks a little wonky. Oh well. I love the fabrics because you sent so many of them to me so I love that about it!)

  3. Camie, I love these. Especially the butterflies. Do you do your own random machine quilting? They look great!