Monday, June 25, 2012

Ms. June

Teriney, this looks a lot better in person... I hope. Also, I LOVED all the fabric you sent.  Thank you!  How did you get so nice?

***Warning:  I post the following in spite of the fact that I have not checked with either one of my “filters” (my husband or my sister) before publishing.***  

I have had one too many (handfuls) of sour assorted Jelly Bellies, luckily, my sugar intake, though ensuring I deliver an 11 lb. gestational diabetes baby,  has led me to a genius idea.  Ladies, envision with me, “The 12 Squared Official Calendar”.  It has a nice ring to it, right? 

Each “quiltress” will represent her month (Robyn May, Teriney June etc.) with an inspiring spread… the month’s seamstress wrapped in her quilt.  I know, I know don’t all express your excitement and interest to soon! 

Obviously we will have to press out some of the wrinkles.  Like how I, Ms. November, will make the least sexy month of the year enticing to our fans.  

I know with a little hard work and a lot of sass we can make this calendar great.
So ladies, what do you think?   Let’s brainstorm this out!



  1. i think we should all be required to do a smokey eye for the photo, and maybe title the calendar "the 12squared sirens"...what do you think?? just kidding, mostly:)

    great job on the square, by the way!

  2. i call "blue steel"! i think a calendar would be super fun... even if we are the only ones who ever see it. Does that mean I have to finish my quilt this year?

  3. Love the square! Thank you so much! I can't wait to add it to the others!

    ha ha I actually think it sounds kind of fun! But that would mean Kristin would need to travel all over and take pictures of us! With smokey eyes and bare ankles!

  4. I hope everyone knows I am mostly joking. Although, if I saw a calandar such as ours in a place like Joanne's or Hobby Lobby I would be seriously entertained for a good five minutes.

    Kristin, love the name.

    Becca, Blue steel is all yours.

    Teriney, my ankles are swollen right now, maybe it would be okay if I just show my wrists.

  5. so, here's my question... is the quilt the ONLY thing we'd be wearing? Cuz I need to make mine bigger. ;)

    1. are you kidding, em? I'm going to have to be Ms. August AND Ms. January because it's gonna take this year and last year's cover me! :)