Thursday, May 17, 2012

To Robyn Love, Jen

Dear Robyn,

This square was a breeze to sew.
Let me restate:
It is a breeze to sew if you cut out a 5in square for block B instead of a 4.5in block.
My brain is fuzzy.
What can I say?
The second time I cut it and sewed it was a complete joy.
I hope it works for you.
I really tried to consider what would work together without being matchy-matchy.
Looking at all the other posted squares made me nervous.
They are so different. 
My simple brain loves a sense of uniformity. 
I cannot wait to see how they work together.



Have I mentioned that I LOVE having my sister in the sewing bee?
I do.
She is the only person who would listen to me go step-by-step until she figures out where I went wrong.
She is the only person that will tell me that I put last month block together wrong. 
(Amy, I am remedying this before I send it to you.)
I appreciate her honesty. 
Truth be told, everyone needs a sister.
I love you Nicole.


  1. Beautiful fabrics! I love it. Sorry to hear about the first attempt! That can be so aggravating.

    Thanks a bunch for your contribution to this crazy quilt!!

  2. I can't, for the life of me, figure out what you did wrong with Amy's...I've been staring at it for the last 10 minutes! Now I'm paranoid that I did whatever it is, too:)

    I often wish I had a sister, and wish Ryli had one too. In this case, daughter's will have to do. I know that O+E will be just as close as the two of you:)

    Love the square!

  3. I had to laugh because I totally agree with you. I could've written that this block is a breeze to sew if you sew the very last strip on in the right direction.
    Those fabrics are so fun!

  4. Love it, Jen. I can't wait to see all of these together. I understand about the "matchy-matchy" thing. I kept changing my fabrics because they went together too well!