Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amy & Robin

This is for you Amy.  Sorry it is soo late...
The houndstooth is from DS Quilts Collection Aunt Edna. I had to use it especially since it was called 'Houndstooth Gold.' I think gold is a tricky color to come by and hard to least for me :)

This one is for you Robin. I tried to make it not matchy and totally had a different center but it looked funny. I like this better & hopefully you will too!

I love those strawberries. Probable one of my all time favorite fabrics. It reminds me of being a kid and going to Colorado to visit my Grandpa George and Grandma Laura. They grew the most delicious strawberries in their back yard & were kind enough to send us out with a basket to pick them as we liked. Best tasting strawberries ever!



  1. these are great! love the strawberries!

  2. Oh Teriny, I think they both look great! I love it. And it doesn't look too matchy to me. (Hard not to do a bit anyway.) Thanks a bunch!

  3. I completely agree, T. I have some of that strawberry and adore it! Great job on all your sewi-ness. :)

  4. They both turned out great! Nice work, T-money!!

  5. Seeing these makes me happy. I love the comentary. Thanks T

  6. I like the story too. I think they both are wonderful. Good work.