Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spiderwebs in May

Guess what?
It is my turn for 12squared.
In a few short days, you each will be getting some inspirational material for my square.
(I finally ordered it. As soon as it arrives here, I will get it to you.)
The fabrics will look like this:

I have picked yellow and gray for the colors of my quilt.
Along with my selection, I want you to mix in yellows and grays of all shades.

Want to see the square selection?
You should know, I let Mr. Deschamps pick.
I simply could not make my mind up.
Click here for directions:

Each quilt square will actually combine 4 mini squares.
The square will end up being 16.5".
It is a little bigger than the previous squares.
Is that okay?
One more thing.
I would like the center stars to be white.

Are you nervous?
I am.
I hope you don't take my name in vain while sewing this square.




  1. gorgeous! this will be fun! but yes, I'm a bit scared! :)

  2. I AM STOKED! I am thrilled to be pushed to a challenge, and I'm happy to do a larger square! Hooray for spiderwebs!

  3. This looks really neat! I can't wait to see what you all create!!

  4. Oh good, I am glad you girls are on board. I got the fabric today, it will be in the mail tomorrow.

  5. Jen, grey is one of my weak areas-I have very little, is black a shade of grey or have i just looked at the sew mama sew tute too much today? :)

    ...or do i finally have an excuse to go the fabric store? :)

  6. I would prefer to stay with light and dark grays... I know that makes it trickier. I don't have much gray in my collection either.

    Thanks for asking Liz.