Tuesday, May 24, 2011

busy bees caught in webs!

Our Little Rock bee last night was a success!
we missed everyone, local and distant, who wasn't there with us and we are going to do it again!

FOUR hours later, we all had at least a few of these!
We learned a few things:

1. the marking of the fabric is time and labor intensive.
2. ranch dip and chocolate are necessities.
3. you WILL most likely attach one of the strips the wrong direction or side, at least once! :)
4. Sharing strips worked well and we had plenty of yellow and grey once we pooled it all together!
5. You can reuse your trimmed strips for the corner strips that don't have to be as long! We had way too many strips at the end of the night!
6. A sewing bee is the perfect place to hash out the recent ward boundaries that switched three of the gals in our group last night!
7. The spiderwebs turn out so pretty! It was a lot of fun to learn something new!


  1. Sorry I missed it! Looks like A LOT of FUN and they squares turned out GREAT!