Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little Rock PSA

There's been some discussion amongst the Little Rock Squares about where to get our machines serviced.  Before Sewing Machine Express went out of business, the wait for a basic tune-up was up words of two months (who can live with out their machine for two months?? not me!).  Other shops around town have been rumored  questionable.  So, today, I headed down to Hot Springs with my misbehaving machine in tow, and visited The Sewing Machine and Vacuum Store (where my machine was purchased).  I knew I needed at least one new part and two new presser feet due to a broken anchor.  I figured I'd have to place an order for the parts and wait a week or two to get them.  To my pleasant surprise, they had all the parts in stock!  I decided to press my luck and ask how long the wait was for servicing.  Not two months.  Not one month.  Not even one week.  The owner was able to service my machine with in two hours and had it ready for me by the time we were heading back to Little Rock!  He fixed a problem I've been having with my tension, which I had just been living with and chalking up to my own lack of tension understanding.  The staff (who is a member of the Hot Springs ward) was extremely helpful, evening throwing in a few accessories for my machine that I was missing and some extra training on how to re-thread my machine to prevent the tension problem from returning.  I was beyond thrilled to be going home with a perfectly running, wholly repaired machine that didn't break the bank!  It feels like I've got a brand new machine!!  Now time to get off this computer and finish up some Spider Webs!

FYI, here is there contact info.  They are happy to talk you through problems over the phone, too.
1130 Malvern Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901-6347
(501) 623-9666


  1. Oh Becca! This is fabulous info!! Congrats on getting your machine the attention it deserved! Thank you for sharing the info.