Tuesday, May 10, 2011

pink & purple for Eliza

My only niece (on my side of the family), Eliza, turns 4 on June 4th. Her favorite colors are pink and purple and anything princess (she has FOUR brothers). I did the lawn chair design. I love my new walking foot, but I don't know why the binding is all wavy.

The backing isn't my favorite, but she'll love it.

And I get to deliver it in person when we go to Utah in June.
Now I need to work on her brother, Max's quilt, whose birthday is June 20th.


  1. what little girl wouldn't love this, emily? it is darling!

  2. ooh, it turned out so good! i love the pattern and the color choice! and your serger:)))))

  3. the lawn chair pattern looks lovely! she'll love it! and the backing is my daughter's favorite fabric!! :)