Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hi. I'm Mardie... I am addicted to fabric.

My story goes back a long time. I think I can blame my mother... you know the kind. She had a wall in the basement that had shelves full of fabric. I think her motto was, "The one with the most fabric, WINS!" She sewed our clothes. She braided rugs. She used a large loom to weave strips of wool into long rag-rugs that we sewed into an entire carpet.

Now, I have a room full of fabric... and machines.  I have fallen in love with quilting. Especially now that I am able to machine quilt to finish them. I started with my speciality, "Stitch-in-the-vicinity-of-the-ditch." Then my daughter encouraged me to try freestyle quilting. I loved it. Then, my husband gave me a "mid-arm" quilting machine! I think he loves me!

I am wife to 1, mother to 5, mother-in-law to 4, grandmother to 13 (on earth). We live in Little Rock, Arkansas. Three of our married children and 11 of our grandchildren live within 15 minutes of us. Are we blessed or what! Our youngest is a student at BYU-I and a daughter lives in Nampa, Idaho with her 2 boys and husband.

I also love gardening. I just took a tour around the yard today. There are daffodils up and some of our azaleas are blooming! The trees are budding. The grass is still brown.

I love music. I am the choir director at church.

I love traveling. We get the "itch" to travel often.

Being an active member of the Mormon church takes up the rest of my time.
   Now, let's hear from the rest of the group. Welcome to 12squared!


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