Friday, March 4, 2016

what's kept me busy lately...

Here are my finished projects from the last few months: 

18" doll sleeping bag (Christmas Present)
 herringbone pillow - Charler Harper fabric

star dahlia (a class I took). Yes, those pieces are gathered.

 spool mini quilt this makes me happy!

ukulele cases for two of my daughters (minky & chenille on the inside)

 dresden mug rug for a friend 

 so much fun! Now to do some dishes...


  1. I am speechless. But that doesn't mean I can't type. I need to start consulting you before I decide to sew anything.
    I love the topstitching on that pillow. I'll never know how you always get fabrics to look so good together.
    The spool mini quilt makes me happy too. If I made one I'd want it to look just like yours.
    Ukelele cases? Seriously. You're killing me.
    And the mug rug? Lucky mug, I mean friend. That looks like SO much work. I wouldn't even know how to sew that. Or the other things you sewed.

  2. Wow! what a great idea you gave me for the sleeping bag. My daughters would love that for their dolls when we go camping. Great finishes!

  3. Amazing finishes, love your spool mini!