Friday, January 23, 2015

square for Mardie and other projects

Here's my square for Mardie.  Sorry it's so late!

Polaroid quilt for Anna Claire for Christmas. Minky on the back. It's quilted in lines between the "pictures." I wish I had asked for a meander. But she LOVES it:

Two pillows for my sister:

Super-sized Swoon throw quilt for a friend for Christmas:

I joined a row-along in my quilt guild (which I won't do again).  This fox row is for a friend in the ward who lives on Red Fox Trace:


  1. Your polaroid quilt is fantastic. I love the pop of color on the binding and backing. I was so close to getting the same fabric for my background but I can't seem to stray from what I know so went with the solid. I used minky for the backing too (we must be related) but nothing fun like bright red. I've already told you the work you've done on the row-along quilts is amazing.

  2. Love those foxes. And the Polaroid quilt is perfect. I think I would have had it quilted the same.

  3. So many finished things! That's got to feel good. What is a row along?

  4. Becca - Each person makes a row to start their own quilt. Then they pass it on and the next person adds a row. It continues until all 7 people have added to it.

  5. so cute! all of them! why won't you do the row along again? it sounds fun??!!