Saturday, January 3, 2015

yes, drill sergeant!

i finished a few things this last year- and i felt the red laser beams in a recent email so i thought i would get these out there.

i'm currently hand quilting a voile quilt. it's something that I've been collecting scraps and pieces for for a few years-
i can't seem to locate the full size picture of it, but i'll post as soon as it's finished. i used a wool batting, which is new for me, and so far i'm really loving the feel!

this one is for my youngest. i sent it off to be professionally quilted and didn't love the results. back to hand quilting for me :)

GRANNY SQUARES!!! so in love with this one. it's next on the "to be quilted" list. isn't it fab?!?! nice works, ladies!

this is one that i made for my mom for her birthday. i've had the entire collection of flea market fancy sitting on my shelf and it was calling to me.
i hand quilted the entire thing. i love the way it turned out. 

a baby blanket for a friend here in germany- i have another *noah* blanket in the works as well. 

just some pj pants for my littles. my almost teenager informed me that this would be the last year for matching pj bottoms....the end of an era. brat.


  1. Your kids are adorable! Love all the quilts. I am most impressed by your hand stitching. Wow- I've never attempted to do that. Patience is a virtue I am working on. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You have been a busy little soldier! They all look fab. I love the granny squares-- turned out so great. And, tel Ty that I never get too old to see all those little Sharpleins in matching pjs.

  3. the granny squares look awesome!