Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some finished works

No, I haven't finished the block for Emily yet.  I mean, it's still way too early in the month for that. :)  But I did take a few photos of some things I made for, and during Christmas.

The first one is a little tree skirt for my youngest daughter's mini tree in her room.  She chose the fabric from my stash, and then I got to work.
I used my Dresden template and quilted it with a simple swirl pattern. 
I am really happy with how it turned out, and it gave me the courage to try an even bigger one for our tree. But I didn't buy enough seam binding to go all the way around, so that was set aside for a bit.

I also made a fabric Christmas tree, including decorations.  Good thing, too, since we didn't get our real tree until the week of Christmas.  This way, the kids still had a spot to put their presents they made at school.
After Christmas I needed to make a quilt and pillow for Alexandra's new doll, Molly, and her new bed.  Fortunately, I had a fat quarter of material that already looked like it was pieced together.  So then I just added batting and Minky for the back, and quilted it with a simple cross-hatch pattern, following what was already printed on the material.  She is very pleased.  And it coordinates perfectly with the quilt and pillow we made earlier for Emily.
That was the best fat quarter bundle I ever purchased. :)

Naturally I also found some time to quilt for me.  I sewed a few more heart blocks and then assembled them into a quilt top.
  But I decided at the last minute to add a tiny black and white border, and naturally I ran out of the right black.  So while that is being sent through the post, I used the odd blocks to make a small wall hanging for my friend. 
Hmm, don't know how to flip that around,  Oh well.  I am really pleased with how it turned out, and can't wait to get the big one finished the same way!

And just for fun, I took some photos of these adorable Santa's my former neighbor made for us one year.  There are actually 7, one for each of us, but the kids have hidden them all over the house, and these are the only ones I could round up for a photoshoot.
They are seriously so cute!  And they are just big enough to hide a mandarin orange and a few nuts. I love them, and am now on a hunt to find the pattern so I can make more.
It looks like it's sort of a log cabin square, but not quite.  Unfortunately she moved away so I can't just ask her. If I ever find it, it may turn into my block of the month. :)


  1. Just found this tutorial on Pinterest: http://cucitocreativo.xs4.it/i-miei-lavori/tutorial-babbo-natale-log-cabin/

  2. So many projects! You are amazing. The heart quilt looks great all together. Can't wait to see it all finished with the black and white.

  3. That tutorial is perfect! Well, except for the language I don't understand. :) And Becca, someday, you too, will have lots of finished projects. But you will also have no more babies underfoot, or on top of tables. And honestly, I think I would rather have the babies. Well, at least during the day. Not at night. I like sleeping at night. heehee

  4. I had almost forgotten about the heart quilt- it looks fantastic. Your friend will love the wallhanging. The black and white border looks great with it.

  5. those little santa's are too cute. i will have to put those on the line up for christmas 2015....and the heart quilt is awesome! i wish our girls could get together for american girl playdates! please let me know if you're ever up in our neck of the woods!