Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To Teriney

I know!  I did another one!  I'm as shocked as y'all are.  I was so intimidated by this one until my sister (the real quilter in my family) sighed and said, "Robyn, Maddie (my 10 year old niece) has done paper piecing!"  So, I guessed maybe I could do it...

Anyway, it did become second nature and was lots of fun.  I hope you like it Teriney!  I really worked to match your paint samples and I hope it nestles in nicely with the rest of the squares.

Now my sights are set on Camie's and Mardie's (which I can't believe I should be able to make within the assigned month)!  Again, thanks all for your patience. 

I should get this, Liz's and Sarah's in the mail by tomorrow morning.  Enjoy!


  1. Nice work Robyn! You have been busy. They all look great!