Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Becca's Post of Shame

Here's the post where I make apologies, excuses and play catch up...

First off, I'm super-duper sorry for being THREE months late.  It's a pet peeve of mine to miss deadlines and I'm terribly sorry to Liz and Camie, who've always been so thoughtful in their 12 Squared contributions.  I feel like I've let our little blog down.

Even though my sewing machine hadn't seen the light of day for three months, I've haven't been completely unproductive.

I found out in July that what I thought was the flu was actually twins.  Since then, I've learned that growing twins means twice as much morning all-day sickness, twice as many doctors appointments, and 200% less energy.
Now that the morning sickness is abating, it is time to play catch-up.  My goal was to get everyone's squares done this month and I did it!  
(It's the little victories in life that make it good, right?)

 Liz-  I have been wanting to do half-square triangles since I saw a tutorial on Pinterest, so when I saw your pick, I was excited.  This block was a lot of fun.  I hope that the fabrics I picked are modern floral enough, and not too vintagey.  I picked up the cherry print at a great fabric shop in Florida and it really reminds me of you!  Enjoy!

Camie-  I have never done a block like this, but love the concept!  I was a little nervous when it came time to trim up the columns.  And I'm not going to lie, there may have been a swear word uttered when I thought I'd done it wrong.  But, turns out, I had just missed trimming the bottom of the column.  I'm hoping it will work for your quilt and that the fabrics are okay.  You do such a good job of putting prints together, I don't want to disappoint!
Emily mentioned owls in her block for you, so I thought I'd continue the theme...

Mardie-  I love Christmas in October!  Your block has reminded me that Chirstmas is just around the corner and maybe it's time to kick my baby-eaten brain into gear!  This fabric will look so nice in your home and I can't wait to see how you put it all together.  I wish my right-angle sewing skills were up to par...  I'm sorry this block isn't more precise.  Maybe you can tuck it into a corner. :)  Like Camie, it didn't turn out quite big enough; it's about 12 1/4" x 12 1/2".  I haven't mailed it off yet, so, if you'd like me to re-do it, I would be happy to, but I might need a little more fabric.  Hope it's okay!!
 Here's to being on top of the rest of the year... can't wait to start November and December!


  1. Gorgeous! Watching this blog *almost* makes me want to dust off my sewing machine. I'll settle for vicarious quilting for now.

  2. Slacker -- why can't you make TWINS and QUILTS at the same time???!!! :)

  3. Becca, once again your work is lovely! I love my stars! I just picked them up from T! I of course LOVE the cherries! You know me well! Thank you! I'm ironing herringbones as we speak! Promise! :)

  4. First of all, I am so happy for you and your wonderful news- twins! I just hope you get feeling better and SOON. The herringbone was definitely worth the wait. I simply LOVE it. The owls are a perfect touch- just this afternoon I was helping my daughter paint owls on canvas for her bedroom. The little birdies are just precious too. Love it all. Your other squares are just as fabulous.

  5. I love them all! I'm so in love with my squares! Just send it. I've got the feeling that they are all going to be a little small. I'm worried that I didn't send enough fabric.... Worrying now!

    1. I think you sent plenty of fabric to get the 12 1/2 inches, but I just miscalculated some how. I had it all laid out and measured, but after I sewed it was just a bit too small and my left over scraps aren't big enough to make up the difference.

  6. I love the fabric with the little chicks and CONGRATULATIONS!

  7. I love all three. Great job! And congratulations! I couldn't be happier for your family!