Monday, October 8, 2012

To Liz and Sarah

I've finished two squares!  I know they are out of order (as Teriney is still waiting patiently for hers), but I have actually been working concurrently on all three and these two just finished up quicker.  Teriney's should be done tonight or tomorrow night at the latest.  I've really enjoyed getting back into sewing!  I hope you both like them!

Liz, the dark blue on here really looks cobalt to me in person, but, of course, here it looks like darkest navy.  A very fun square!  I hope this fits in well!

Sarah, the under fabric really isn't wrinkled in a problematic way, I just was determined to post this and didn't run an iron over it again before taking the pics.  I sort of felt like it all worked because of the darling strawberry on the far right cone that my sister gave me.  It just screamed strawberry for me.  Oh, and I picked the under fabric because it was a favorite ice cream of mine mint chocolate chip!  (I'm so subtle!)  I hope your kids feel duly honored and that you like it!

Also, Liz and Sarah, you're welcome to play my favorite game of "what's wrong with the layout that Robyn painstakingly thought through" because you'll probably win!  I don't mean to poorly place things...but I keep on doing it.  Wah.'re next.'re next next!

Mardie...I am so excited to work on your square!  And yes, you're next next next.

Thanks for your patience everyone!


  1. Awesome job, Robyn! Love them both.

  2. i love it Robyn! thank you!!!

  3. Robyn, they look great. I lost the game... couldn't find anything wrong with either one!