Thursday, February 2, 2012

When you said January... meant February, right?

I spent a lot of January organizing and organizing and organizing our spare room in the hopes of sitting in an idyllic little nook in my house and sewing my squares while whole wheat bread baked in the next room and my children quietly played with wooden toys all around me.

It ended up that I spent most of my free time working in that room during the month and, while I've made some major improvements, it is still not finished. So instead I sewed these squares amidst the rubble of 2 moves in 4 months (in June and October) after my kids were in bed. It's no doctor's note, but does it take away some shame of finishing them on February 1st?

These were so fun to sew. I hope you like them Emily!

(The photographed horribly in the house so I took them outside with a towel and took the pics on my driveway. Classy!)


  1. Robyn - they look great and certainly not late at all. thank you!!

  2. I would also love to live in your perfect world with a sewing room, bread baking and perfectly behaved playing kids. Let me know when that happens and then I would love the advice of how you made it work. You get major points for having moved twice in 4 months...I wouldn't wish that on anyone. BTW: your squares look fabulous!

  3. I think it was January somewhere! Looks great.