Friday, February 24, 2012

Thanks Becca

For answering my fevered questions last night.

For picking such a fun and sweet square. One that, despite my fevered questions, was simple and quick as well.

And for giving me a great reason to use this print! I think it's very "fifties apron". I love it, yet after I made a swishy little apron for my niece it just hasn't seen much use in my house (despite the heavy use of blue).

I hope you like it!

Two notes:

1. I shouldn't sew at night. I get very literal and fussy.

2. I really dislike these pics, not because they were taken with my cell (long story why I couldn't use my regular camera), but because they make it look like a wrinkly mess. In person it's crisp and pretty, yet the pics not so much. Trust me!


  1. I really like the blues. It looks great.

  2. love your fifties apron! very pretty!

  3. Robyn! Gorgeous! I love the colors and the pattern of the inside. I know how you feel about taking pictures. My square will be lovely and neatly ironed and then the picture makes it look kind of like I never iron...

  4. It looks fantastic, Robyn! The blue is so pretty. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Thank you!

  5. Very pretty. Makes me certain I want (no, need) yet another apron!