Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February: Letters of Love

So, for February's block, I got inspiration am copying from an amazing piece quilter whose blog you can check out here.
This is the general idea...
I love the idea of a quilt representing our little quilt-by-mail bee.  And really, what could be more fitting for our Valentine's month square?  Is our sewing not a labor of love?
What I'd like is for everyone to make an envelope.  I'm sending out white Kona cotton and a 15"x15" piece of muslin with a template drawn on it, which you should get soon.  This quilt block is done by foundation piecing (instructional post to come). 

You will need to pick out a cotton solid for the outside of the envelope and a print for the envelope lining.  I don't have a specific color scheme in mind-- but generally I like summer colors (not too drab, not florescent/neon).  Something along the lines of these:
Print wise, anything fun, vintage, Japanese, polka dot, plaid, stripes-- what ever strikes you as charming. :)
I am sooo excited to see what you all come up with!


  1. i ADORE the envelopes! great choice!

  2. I'm excited to go vintage fabric shopping. I love the Love Letters!

  3. Oh WOW! My stomach has butterflies; this is going to be FUN! Can't wait to see all the envelopes!!
    If possible, could you post one of your own for us to see?

  4. Camie, there will be a tutorial post up tomorrow and there are pictures of two that I've already made in it.

  5. I'm so excited! Do you want us to "dibs" colors do you don't have too many repeats?

  6. I'm so excited! I love this idea!

  7. I am excited to sew my love letter!

  8. I received my envelope in the mail today, February 1st. You are so on the ball! It was too cute- everything wrapped up in a letter! I loved it.

  9. thanks,everyone! i'm am really excited that you are all excited!
    liz- i'm not really worried about color repeats... if there are some that end up similar, i'll just space them out when i put it all together. thanks!!