Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Serging Urges...

I think we need to have another sewing night? What do you think? My place...I can arrange another table and we can sew to our hearts content? Maybe next week? Maybe Tuesday night...or whatever night works best? A little junk food maybe? You know girl stuff!

ps. I love that this picture includes a brown quilter ;)


  1. you know i'm in! tues and thurs are Will's school nights so I'd need a sitter but if that works best for everyone else, i will figure it out!

  2. I'd LOVE it!!!! I'm in!!!! any night really after 8pm? The kidlets will be in bed and I'll throw together some junk food:)

  3. Plan it and I'll try to be there.

  4. sounds fun! If we start before 8, Tuesday is bad for me because we have Primary board meeting. Thursday is elementary school open-house district-wide. What about Wednesday? If Tues is the only night that works for others, go ahead and I'll be late.