Thursday, January 31, 2013

love letter

I decided to make a pillow for Valentine's Day with this fabric I've had for a long time.  I LOVED Becca's envelope squares last year, so I decided to use that as my inspiration.  

Get it?  It's a love letter.  I'm tickled with how it turned out.  And the only thing I had to buy was a zipper!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The very busy spider

Here you are sister friend

Love you, hope you like it.

Christmas 2012... Gone, but I'm ready for 2013!

I finished it!!! It is as beautiful as I had hoped and thought it would be. 
THANK YOU for sending your squares so quickly. If I hadn't been sick for so much of the holidays, I think that I could have had it ready for Christmas 2012. 

But I am ready for Christmas, 2013!! I love it and have it in the Living Room right now. It will be a little bit Christmas in there while enjoy it. The blue border matches the Hearth Room too, so it will be beautiful in either main room of the house.

 Here is the back. I have 2 strips of the front fabrics. I am getting better at getting those straight. Yay! 
I am also getting much nearer to the ditch when I stitch!

Thank you 3 Sisters for these incredibly beautiful fabrics. I am so happy with everyone's squares!

Merry Christmas... 2013!!

I also finished this triangle quilt for "Trading Pieces".  It is gorgeous!

I am getting better and closer to the "ditch"... I stitched this simply along the lines, parallel to each other.
I thought about diagonally... but decided that the lines would be cleaner.

Here is the back, it has 3 strips in it.

Love those "Urban Chiks" for this "Urban Cowgirl" line for Moda. Yummy!

I am taking this "finishing up" thing seriously... but remember... I have NO children at home to slow me down. My husband is a little worried about some kind of addiction here... hmmm.
It is so fun to finish a few things!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finish It January: December's Block, Just a Month Late

So, here's something I learned about myself... my paper piecing skills have not improved since the last Spider Web block we did.
Paper piecing and me, just don't get along.
But, dear Jen, it is finished.  Maybe you can stick it in a corner or something.

Oh, and here's a link to a quilt I made and posted on my personal blog this month for a good friend.
But, since, it's Finish It January, I thought I should put it here for the record.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

scrappy trip along

courtesy Simplify

Have any of you seen the craze in the blogosphere about this tutorial?? I keep seeing it pop up, and I have to admit, I think it's so fun! My very very first quilt I made with my grandma was a traditional trip around the world, so I like this design.  
Anyone tempted to try it?
Not that I'm suggesting it.
It just makes me want to get my rotary cutter out!

c/o Red Pepper Quilts

 c/o Lovely Little Handmades (I LOVE LOVE her color combos-and she likes cherries too!)
c/o crazy mom quilts

Friday, January 18, 2013

Spiderweb Pillows

We might have mentioned that we loved making Jen's square so much that we made another for ourselves.  Just one.  :) Those suckers take a lot of time! That left us each with one square that we weren't sure what to do with, so I suggested we make throw pillows! We each added some long selvage strips as a border around the edge of our quilt squares. 

We also wanted to quilt the top of our pillows, so we got to try out Mom's new walking foot!

Here is my pillow!

 I backed it with a Hobby Lobby Grecian tile print that I snagged a few months ago and fell in love with and an Amy Butler polka dot.
 It has exactly what Jen said-an i spy look to it, I love seeing scraps that I can identify as last year's 12squared quilt, the first dress I made for my big girl, and the first tote bag I made.  I love it! Thanks for inspiring us, Jen!

Here is Mom's pillow!
 I hope you can see this backing-the red is a gorgeous stripe!

 She also made one to match her Trading Pieces quilt! So pretty!!
 Happy Quilting, friends!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A couple projects

  Here are a couple of the projects I completed!  
I made this little quilt for a neighbor.
Her little man was only 2lbs.! 
I had a ton of fun making this one and it was my first time attempting free motion quilting.
It is far from perfect but I was proud of it.

I made this one for my little Ezra baby.
I couldn't manage to get a picture of it without my children on it. 
Luckily they make good models
even if they aren't dressed for the day (and it's 3 p.m.).  

His big brother is a little envious of it.

Jen, I worked on your square today.  
As you know things are slow going around here.
So hopefully it gets done soon.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

kristin's selvage web

i have to admit, i was dreading this one. 
then, i started. i immediately fell back in love with my selvages, and fell in love with my walking foot. the rest is history.
i love this block. i love working with selvages, in fact, it's probably my favorite part of fabric. i wish more designers utilized the selvage with tiny little icons of love.
i can't wait to see it together...please post your progress, Jen!!
i took lots of pictures as i played with my camera settings. shipping tomorrow!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

a webby night

Mom and Teriney and I got together to pool our selvages and I think we came up with some beautiful squares! We hope you like them! Here are the pictures of Mom and mine.

Elizabeth's square:

 Mardie's square:

We hope you like them Jen!

Friday, January 4, 2013

my nephew's quilt top and december block

My brother is going to have his first baby in a few months so this will be for my soon-to-be nephew (my SIL requested gray and navy).
This is for Jen.  I love the happy colors and the selvages she sent me were fun to work with.  I hope you  like it!  Thanks, Jen for the selvages!!!