Thursday, January 17, 2013

A couple projects

  Here are a couple of the projects I completed!  
I made this little quilt for a neighbor.
Her little man was only 2lbs.! 
I had a ton of fun making this one and it was my first time attempting free motion quilting.
It is far from perfect but I was proud of it.

I made this one for my little Ezra baby.
I couldn't manage to get a picture of it without my children on it. 
Luckily they make good models
even if they aren't dressed for the day (and it's 3 p.m.).  

His big brother is a little envious of it.

Jen, I worked on your square today.  
As you know things are slow going around here.
So hopefully it gets done soon.


  1. these are beautiful! what tutorial did you use for the top baby quilt? I love your flying geese! so pretty!

  2. Love the triangles! How was the meandering? I've been toying with trying it, but it looks hard! Great job, Nicole!

  3. Oh wow! Those are beautiful. The triangles are PERFECT.

  4. Thanks, all! Liz, I can't seem to find the tutorial but it is foundation piecing. The white in the center is a 10" square (any size would work), you sew the prints on kind of like you do for Jen's selvage it is really easy and I wasn't exact at all. Becca, it was stressful! But to do a baby quilt only took 45 minutes, so not bad. I don't think I would dare do a full size quilt without some major practice.

  5. Beautiful! I love that top pattern!

  6. Love them both! (Don't worry... sometimes I am not dressed for the day at 3pm!)