Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas 2012... Gone, but I'm ready for 2013!

I finished it!!! It is as beautiful as I had hoped and thought it would be. 
THANK YOU for sending your squares so quickly. If I hadn't been sick for so much of the holidays, I think that I could have had it ready for Christmas 2012. 

But I am ready for Christmas, 2013!! I love it and have it in the Living Room right now. It will be a little bit Christmas in there while enjoy it. The blue border matches the Hearth Room too, so it will be beautiful in either main room of the house.

 Here is the back. I have 2 strips of the front fabrics. I am getting better at getting those straight. Yay! 
I am also getting much nearer to the ditch when I stitch!

Thank you 3 Sisters for these incredibly beautiful fabrics. I am so happy with everyone's squares!

Merry Christmas... 2013!!

I also finished this triangle quilt for "Trading Pieces".  It is gorgeous!

I am getting better and closer to the "ditch"... I stitched this simply along the lines, parallel to each other.
I thought about diagonally... but decided that the lines would be cleaner.

Here is the back, it has 3 strips in it.

Love those "Urban Chiks" for this "Urban Cowgirl" line for Moda. Yummy!

I am taking this "finishing up" thing seriously... but remember... I have NO children at home to slow me down. My husband is a little worried about some kind of addiction here... hmmm.
It is so fun to finish a few things!!


  1. they are so beautiful! good job, mom!

  2. way to finish up! the quilts are great!

  3. Congrats on finishing two big, beautiful quilts!

  4. Mardie--sorry you were sick during the holidays! Your two quilts are awesome! WOW!!
    Love you---Emolyn

    1. EVERYONE!! Emolyn is my sister. She made one of the Christmas squares for my quilt. What a wonderful surprise to find her commenting on the blog! Made my day. I love you too. Thanks for being part of my quilt.