Thursday, January 10, 2013

kristin's selvage web

i have to admit, i was dreading this one. 
then, i started. i immediately fell back in love with my selvages, and fell in love with my walking foot. the rest is history.
i love this block. i love working with selvages, in fact, it's probably my favorite part of fabric. i wish more designers utilized the selvage with tiny little icons of love.
i can't wait to see it together...please post your progress, Jen!!
i took lots of pictures as i played with my camera settings. shipping tomorrow!!


  1. I agree! I am in love with selvages too! Yours is so bright and pretty. (Great camera.)

  2. I love it. I'm still dreading it! Still trying to gather a few selvages. So pretty.

  3. I think most everyone is/was dreading this square, but I love it so very much. You did a perfectly lovely job. Thank you!