Thursday, August 1, 2013

AUGUST Dresses All in a Row...

Last week I said to Liz, "I wonder who will be posting a tutorial in August? You don't think it is ME, do you??"  HA!! Well, it is! 
Here is my inspiration...



I have ordered a pattern from Black Mountain through Quilter's Warehouse. 
It says, "Easy machine appliqué." (It better mean it.)
I think it would be so very pretty, don't you?

Because I just ordered the pattern today, I don't have a tutorial to post. I will get it up as soon as I can.  In the meantime, as you look at the inspiration photo, can you decide on a color and fabric that you would like to work with? (Kona white and your colored dress fabric and edging.)

Let me know what you decide... first come, first served!

Thanks, Mardie.


  1. this is going to be darling! i'm thinking DS green floral or joel dewberry eggplant paisley!

  2. I just went shopping for the pretty dress I plan to make. I chose pink and I'm in love with all the fabrics I found that coordinate with it. I also bought a few of the fabrics Emily used in Ian's whale quilt which I never expected to see in my JoAnns store- it was a lucky day!!

  3. I will do red or blue... if no one else wants to. I am flexible. Very cute pattern!

    1. Either would be great. There are 16 blocks, so a few duplicates will be fine. But there is not a blue yet.

  4. cute! I'll take yellow and aqua (I'll make two)

    1. Thank you! Perfect. The tutorial shows the 2 I have made so far. One is turquoise, but as I said to Becca, there will be 16 blocks. So a few similar colors won't be a problem.