Wednesday, July 24, 2013

a quilt and a concern

My friend is due today, Pioneer Day, so I thought this red, white and blue day would be appropriate...and EASY!  Besides, I needed to make two quilts so I made this quilt twice.  I love this pattern!
My concern is that I have not received all the diamond blocks I was expecting; I am missing one.  I need to go through them to make sure which one I have not  yet received.  I hope it wasn't lost in the mail!
Hope you're all having a wonderful summer!


  1. what a cute quilt! it's like a ticker tape basket weave! did you use a jelly roll or something?

    did you get my diamond for you?

  2. I got the diamond today and love it; thank you!!
    The pattern says to use a jelly roll (to make it super simple) but I cut strips from eighth yards of fabric which seemed simple enough to me.

  3. was it sarah's that you didn't get?